About Me

Bobby Burns – Marijuana Advocate and Consultant in Olympia, WA

In 2013 me and my dad decided to become pioneers in Washington’s recreational marijuana industry. Together, we founded StarCrisp Farms in Sequim, Washington and started producing high quality all-natural cannabis in the beautiful Olympic Peninsula. It took a lot of hard work to make sure we were able to operate in accordance with Washington state guidelines and there were a lot of challenges and hoops to jump through along the way. Besides being held to some very demanding security measures the state had outlined, we had to deal with local powers who had really bought into a lot of the stigma that had historically been associated with cannabis in the US. It was a long road paved with blood, sweat and tears but we accomplished what we had set out to do and became one of the first licensed cannabis producers in Washington State. After four years of operating, and with the price of recreational marijuana continuing to drop, we decided to sell our license and retire from cannabis production.

It is my hope that marijuana producers in other states will benefit from the knowledge gleamed through our experiences in this industry. Even though we are no longer producing cannabis, I continue to advocate for fair practices in a sustainable recreational marijuana space. Please consider supporting industry advocate programs like The Cannabis Alliance who are working to raise awareness and help eliminate the stigma associated with cannabis use. You can become a member at their website here. https://thecannabisalliance.us/

I’m a self-taught web designer and computer hobbyist. When I’m not working on projects I enjoy photography, singing and playing guitar, playing games with my 3 boys and dancing with their mother.


Founded One of the First Licensed Marijuana Production Companies in Washington State

Four Years in the Recreational Cannabis Industry

Ten Years of Management Experience

Six Years in Assets Protection and Loss Prevention


Cannabis Advocate and Consultant, Owner of BobbyBurns.com
Advocating for sustainable and fair practices in the legal recreational cannabis space. Raising great kids. Enjoying life in the Pacific Northwest.

Vice President of StarCrisp Farms
(2013 – 2017)
Second i-502 production license awarded on the Olympic Peninsula. Partnered with the Washington State Liquor Control Board to ensure regulatory compliance with state guidelines for legal cannabis production. Worked with local jurisdiction to ensure building compliance. Produced high quality, all-natural cannabis sold by The Hidden Bush, Sparkit, Muffy’s Smokin’ Greens, and Mister Budd’s in Port Angeles and in Sequim at Nature’s Gifts and Seachange.

Senior Security Specialist at Target Corporation
Ten years management experience. Assets Protection Team Leader for six years. Direct leadership for 12 supervised employees. Developed loss prevention strategies and implemented them with our logistics business partners. Responsible for security camera layout and positioning in two-million square foot warehouse. Created training guides and on-boarding strategies now used by Target Distribution Centers pyramid-wide.